How to Apply

How to Apply

Applicants should use the online application form to apply for funding. This form will appear on this website during the Stage 1 dates advertised. We do not accept applications through email or post.

Funding Guide 2019

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a very short Expression of Interest (EOI) which requires only some basic details about your organisation, as well as a very short summary of the project you are proposing.

Successful applicants will receive an email with more details on how to complete Stage 2 by no later than September 5th. Unsuccessful applicants will also recieve a notification email and are welcome to apply again in 2020. Please note that these decisions are final.

Stage 2

The second stage requires applicants to provide more detail on both their organisation and the project, including: 

  • A full project description, outlining the plan of action and chief activities 
  • Projected short-term outcomes and long-term impacts of the project
  • The need for the project
  • Estimated numbers of beneficiaries that are realistic
  • A full breakdown of the project costs
  • Supporting documents: including your organisation's constitution, article or memorandum of understanding as well as the most recent annual accounts
  • Quotes for single items costing over £1,000
  • Details of two contactable referees for your organisation

All appropriate project specific permissions (i.e. planning permission) should be in place in advance of the stage 2 application. 

Applicants will recieve the outcome by email by October 31st. 

If successful applicants must then return a funding agreement and their organisation's bank statement before payment will be made. 

Upon completion of the project, all grant-holders must then complete an evaluation form, this is available to download in the 'Grant Holders' section of this website.